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School Information System

Student Information System

The Project is entitled as SIS. The scope of this project involves the capability to provide efficient, reliable and secure software to speed up the management operations of a well established school. This system makes use of waterfall model of software development. The main objectives are

The system is a web based client server system. Front end can be designed by HTML; CSS and back end can be with MSySQL. Also make use of Ajax technology to communicate between client and server. Server side is with PHP with CI and client side scripting with JavaScript.

Feasibility Study

Selected solution is to use an Internet based application. The ‘SIS’ System provides a healthy communication between teacher, parent and administration. This is not only user friendly but also reduces lot of manual work and reduces scope for errors. The proposed system manages the overall school activities with a healthy communication.

The feasibility study is carried out to determine whether the proposed system can be developed with the available resources. There are three steps: Software requirement Specification

  • Technical Feasibility
  • Economical Feasibility
  • Operational Feasibility
  • SIS Work Flow
  • Functional Requirements
  • Application provides
  • Conclusion
SIS Work Flow

The sis encompasses numerous files and information from the database, as well as files on the department server system. The system uses SIS Database. This system will be completely web-based, linking to web server from a standard web browser. Sis will be operated from departmental server. When a user connects to server, server manipulates the requests and responds to the browser. If the request contains any information related to database operation, web server contacts the database server to retrieve information that fulfils the client request.

Application provides

  • Easy access to information.
  • Healthy Interaction between users
  • Feedback helps for improvement.
  • Enhanced further to suit requirements.

  • Focused Regression Testing
  • On-Time Product/Application Release
  • Higher Coverage To Detect Functional And Technical Bugs
  • Integration Of Advanced And Updated Technologies
  • Low Maintainability And High Portability Of Automated Testing.
  • Numerous Framework Types And CI Tools