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Mobile App Testing

  • Mobile App’s Test coverage
  • Effective Areas
  • App Test Productivity
  • Our Differentiators
Mobile App’s Test coverage

The boom in mobile technology adoption among the user is purely magical in terms of speed and acceptability. It advances overnight and business needs to have it in order to create its presence in digital marketplace. The great user experience defines the value hence Experts QA offers following services in Mobile app testing –

  • App testing over-the-air (OTA)
  • App testing on user interface
  • Performance & Functionality testing on app
  • App testing on sound/vibration along with notifications
  • App testing based on specific carrier
App Test Productivity

Happy customer is directly proportional to User experience on mobile app. Also the advancement pace of technology demands quality with speed which Experts QA can deliver without a wrinkle. We understand the importance of mobile app testing based on devices, languages, location, platforms, business, networks, experiences and technology and so-on.

Our Differentiators

  • Ready-Made And Highly Extensible Framework To Cater In Short Time Requests
  • Testing Based On Cost Efficiency with High Quality Delivery
  • Improvement in Quality of the App and Delivering Good Productivity
  • Maximum Scalability and Maximum Test Coverage
  • Modular and Well-Structured Test Designs
  • Easier Implementation with Simple and Transparent Test Strategy