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Manual QA

For any software based application development, or new product development, Manual testing is process that integrates itself in every process in order to detect and fix functional issues throughout the development activity. As a matter of fact, automated testing occupies just the 30% pie of testing whereas remaining 70% goes to manual testing regardless of advanced automated tools in the market. The expertise of Experts QA offers following services –

Manual testing in IT Systems such as covers system testing, system integration testing, data migration testing and end-to-end testing

  • Manual testing in business such as user acceptance testing and customer experience assurance testing
  • Manual testing in compliance and regulations such as SOX, HIPAA etc.
  • Manual testing in BI such as ETL testing, reports resting along with end-to-end testing
  • Manual testing for Client server application, Web application and Desktop application
  • Manual testing for products in real world environment
  • Manual testing for security

The advantage of manual testing is that the tester plays a role of end user without application of any automation tool where he identify discrepancies in normal behavior of product as a user perspective which helps him/her to catch real bugs. Also manual testing can be done across various platform based to assure same quality of service across all platforms such as desktop, mobile, I-pad, tablet etc.

Our Differentiators

  • Technical expertise focusing industry based experience
  • Maintain strong coordination with QA and development team.
  • Maintaining the policy of user/client’s loyalty and maintaining good quality process.
  • Assured outstanding results
  • Assured synchronization in development process