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Automated Testing

  • Area of Coverage
  • Integrations
  • Advanced Frameworks
  • Our Differentiators
Area of Coverage

Whether it's a new product release, fixes in application, software enhancement, updation or migration, Automated Testing is a magic tool to test all functionality throughout. The expertise of Experts QA offers following services:

  • Development of automated tests scripts
  • Regression testing plan
  • In & Out assessment of each test cycles thoroughly
  • Ensure software speed and operating efficiency
  • Rapid development of robust test automation environment based on application
Advanced Frameworks

At Experts QA, we provide automated testing solutions which are absolutely extensible and portable. With usage of global parameters, standard naming conventions, reusable actions, common libraries, proper documentation, throughout commenting, and shared object repository, we assure that our test automation solutions are independently maintainable. Our experts specialize in development of automated test scripts as well as execution of test scripts thorough regression testing of product or application.

Our Differentiators

  • Focused Regression Testing
  • On-Time Product/Application Release
  • Higher Coverage To Detect Functional And Technical Bugs
  • Integration Of Advanced And Updated Technologies
  • Low Maintainability And High Portability Of Automated Testing.
  • Numerous Framework Types And CI Tools